Mundane Monday

Image via @polabur on IG


I was ready for Monday this week and have already taken a few challenges of my own head-on.  I've also been up since 5am working... 😑


Soooo...  almost time to wine'd down.   


What will be your #smallvictories this week? 


-Take ten minutes in the morning before you do anything significant to meditate, focus, and plan -> waste less time during the day on mindless activity that doesn't further your goals.


-Order a set of reusable straws for your house -> start the habit of saving disposable trash at home and see if it spreads.


-Research and replace one cleaning product you use at home to a homemade or all-natural product -> keep more chemicals from infiltrating our environment.


-If you have the space, snag a kitchen compost container and start a spot in a far corner of your yard to start composting your own scraps -> your garden will thank you next year and your garbage bin can take on that extra space. 


-Find one aerosol item in your home and decide to replace it (when the bottle is done) with a typical spray product -> keep aerosol cans out of our landfills.