Show Your Legs Some Love

This stuff: gold. 


You'll hear me often hammering on about why laser hair removal has changed my life and, seriously, it has.  But summer sun and lasers don't go hand in hand and, after this summer of more sun than usual, I had to take a break from my laser-love.


Being the genetically-engineered ultimate hairball of fuzziness that I am (I'm half-Persian), I was quickly reminded just WHY I hated shaving so much.  Ingrown hairs, red bumps, time consumption in the shower, and the waste of disposable blades is seriously not ideal after I had acclimated to thoughtlessly smooth skin.


Cue this holiness: an organic shave oil with all-natural ingredients that is against animal testing.  Score. 


AND I didn't have to deal with razor burn afterwards?  Double score. 


This stuff left me with a really close shave and REALLY soft skin with minimal residue in the tub afterwards too (I don't know if you guys ever shaved with baby oil in high school too, but, if so, you know what I mean). 


Treat yo'self, boo.