Mundane Monday

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Need a positive distraction from this week's mania?

Procrastinate away, my friends...


What will be your #smallvictories this week?

-Hang an air fern or two in your house.  An Italian study has showed the pros of Tillandsias removing the most particles from their air environment.

-Drink two extra glasses of water a day- one in the morning and one before you go to bed.  Watch your mid-day headaches fade away.

-Snag an inspirational book.  Is there something you've been pondering doing or a place you've wanted to travel to?  Read up on it every morning for as long as you can before you have to start your day.  It's hard to reach a goal when you can't REALLY imagine it clearly.

-Bring a mug to work this week.  Skip the disposable cups and save some space on the landfill.

-Having trouble sleeping?  Consider sipping some ginger tea and spending a few minutes journaling before bed one night.  You may be surprised by your description of the day.