Monday: A Balancing Act

Halloween Monday?  Give yourself a little break when you need it.


In pagan culture, Halloween day is "Samhain" and is considered the official end of the harvest season.  It's a time to renew and to set new intentions.


It's also the day when the veil between the spirit world and ours is the thinnest- hence where our current holiday is derived from. 


So, today, let yourself feast and celebrate.  We're going to need that extra positive boost to set some new goals and visions for ourselves.



What will be your small victory this week?



-Start your morning with hot lemon water before coffee -> enjoy a peaceful moment and set your body up for a better day

-While showering, deep condition your hair, clip it up, and turn the water off while it sets and you shave -> save gallons of water and $ on your bill

-Eat a lighter meat-free lunch tomorrow full of veggies and healthy fats-> increase your mental efficiency, decrease post-lunch lethargy, and enjoy the many benefits of decreasing your meat intake for the environment

-Pick one habit that's been bugging you and start a game-plan for change -> increase your self awareness and maximize your potential

-Give yourself a break around the Halloween candy this week- have a piece or two when you're really craving it -> treat yourself guiltlessly occasionally...  you can go back to your perfect consciousness tomorrow ;)