Full Moon||Full Heart

New week- new gameplan.  What will be your #smallvictory for this one?



-Spend the next three hours consciously smiling at everyone.  When you come in contact with someone, greet them with kindness.  How do you feel at the end of the three hours?

-Can you find something in your office that could be more responsibly sourced?  Can you request for recycled paper or have a few extra recycling bins placed strategically?  Easy fixes sometimes make the biggest impact.

-Spend ten minutes tomorrow morning to decompress and turn your mind to the positive- focus that positivity to be with all day and put it out there to give some to the people you're around.

-Find a cause that you believe in and invest in them in whatever way you can.

-Push outside your comfort zone this week.  Support a minority group and broaden your views by choosing your next book or listening to a podcast outside of what you identify with.