After the many frantic joys of Black Friday and the carpal tunnel syndromes associated with Cyber Tuesday, comes a nice, calm Giving Tuesday.

(And then a major Wine Wednesday.  No, seriously.  I'll meet you there.)


I know- we're all broke.  Why didn't they warn us about this sooner?



If you can spare a $20 donation or two at this point, here are a few suggestions:


Obvs, Planned Parenthood.  Their future is unsure in our current state of affairs.

The Humane Society- HALO has partnered with them and is donating a bowl of food for every dollar donated today.  (Do not make me play that damned Sarah McLachlan song.  We will both cry.)  As the ever-exhausted mama of three rescued pups, this is my biggest donation today.

CARE- An ever-changing humanitarian non-profit (remember CARE packages in our history books back from the 1940s?) that works to meet the current demands and needs of our time.  They're an organization based on fight global poverty and supplying war relief aid.  Today, your donations will be TRIPLE matched.

Stand with Standing Rock

The UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency) has partnered with AirBnB who has pledged to match every donation up to $800,000.  This is the organization that provides emergency aid, long-term support, and assists refugee families.


Even with the hope that most of our weekend purchases were already guilt-free, this is a great day to remember the real reason for the holidays and know that we weren't only consumers this season.

Let us know if you have more suggestions- we'd love to build onto the list!