Five things you can find me doing this weekend in LA:

1) Ordering this: R+Co Dallas Thickening Spray

A vegetarian, cruelty-free brand that doesn't use any parabens or sulfates.  And everything smells amazing.  I get that we're supposed to be shedding more than usual in the fall, but MAKE IT STOP.  I just had to loop my elastic an extra time around my pony...  I'm unsettled.



2) Eating this: Shibumi 

A super-small (40 seats) kappo style Japanese restaurant in DTLA that is dedicated to finding the best local and sustainable ingredients for their dishes and pairing them with unique beverages.  All while serving it up on a 400 year old cypress counter in handmade ceramics.  I've had these reservations for months and I'm BEYOND excited.


3) Seeing this: Moonlight

What has been acclaimed to be "the movie of the year" and I kind of already want to attest to that just from the trailer.


4) Buying this: Reformation's Aria Dress

I know- try to hide your pure shock that I'm salivating over another Reformation piece.  I have to try on bridesmaid dresses for my best friend this weekend and I've already forewarned her that there is going to be a chunk of time devoted to my own needs during this quest.  (I'm SUCH a great friend.)  Go ahead and judge when you see me wearing this to all holiday parties this season. #cantstopwontstop




5) Exploring this: Do good. Be green.

LA's eco-conscious conference centered around beauty, fashion, and wellness.  I'll be near the kombucha samples if you're there...  Come find me!

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