Calm Before the Storm

Image via @sert_mehmet 



What will be your #smallvictory this week?


-If you haven't done so already, vote.  Make some history this week.


-Find one plastic-encased item that you use regularly- can you reduce the waste from it?  Is there a suitable replacement for it or can you buy it in a larger size to reduce as much waste from it?


-If you're going to the polls this week, offer to give a ride to a neighbor that may be struggling to get their on their own.  I have a sweet, elderly woman that lives around the corner and always joins me on my trek for voting days.


-Feeling sluggish with the weather change?  Try to minimize your cold food/drink intake.  Stick with warm or worm temp items and start roasting your veggies that you'd normally eat raw.  It's vata season!


-Take a moment today to re-center and balance yourself.  Give yourself a ten minute break to breathe, journal, stretch, or meditate while we watch some important changes happen this week.