Vata Season

The fall season in Ayurveda is directed towards one of the three main doshas, Vata.  While Vata is  considered to be more so influenced by the element of air, it's defined by it's characterizations of being cold, dry, and light, while also moving.

If this is something that you typically run in the opposite direction of, then fall could feel like a very balancing season for you.  If this is something that can create an imbalance for you, though, one can feel the effects of anxiety, depression, dry skin, constipation, and insomnia.


Naturally, I'm Vata-heavy.  It's my dominant dosha.  I also am typing this at 12:30am while reaching for my glass of water and considering getting up to find some lotion...  My lips have been cracking, I'm chugging water all day, I'm hungrier than usual, I'm tired and slow, and I'm more stiff than ever.  Classic Vata imbalance moves.  Hooraaaaayyyyy!!!!  (Insert angry eyebrow-raised glare towards the gods.)

What can you do if you're feeling like me?

Chow down on cooked foods made with a bit more oil than usual.  Your body needs that extra inner hydration and having to break down raw foods with less liquids is MUCH harder on your system when it's already running on a low tank.  If not cooking foods, focus on "wetter" foods like mangoes, avocados, bananas, and ghee.  Lemon juice on anything is great (sour and sweet are better in this season rather than bitter flavors) and roasted veggies like carrots and beets are REALLY great.  Quinoa, rice, and other warm staples like broths, soups, and oatmeal are pacifying.

Eat/drink spicier things to warm from the inside out and wrap yourself in soft, comfortable fabrics and clothes.  Switch to a heavier moisturizer and lotion and pull out the humidifier if you have one!  You could even consider switching your body lotion to almond oil during the colder months.

Be sure to get enough sleep and, whenever possible, meditate to help settle your head and body.


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