Flying the Friendly Skies

 My excitement is overbearing... Obviously.

My excitement is overbearing... Obviously.

Fair warning:  This is not a “how to look pretty after traipsing off your five hour flight.”  Mostly because, well, I don’t know how that’s actually possible, but also, who really cares?  This is more of a “how to not want to bathe in olive oil in an airport bathroom” kind of post.

I love traveling, but the flight typically leaves me internally dehydrated, my skin dry and tight, and my joints sometimes stiff and swollen.  But, seeing as that I’m currently in the air (buckled in with my neck pillow and all), and am actually able to happily type away, a few small changes have made this post possible.

Assuming that everyone here is also an aggressive lotion applier, I have a few new travel staples that helped me keep my body from going into jetlag mode.

  • Apply thick, 24-hour moisturizing eye drops preferably before the flight- they're shockingly effective.  I had a friend suggest this a year ago and it has provided more relief than I thought possible.

  • Bring a thermos or water bottle and a sealable bag of lemon wedges. While this is more of a commitment, I politely ask the flight attendant if they wouldn’t mind filling the bottle with hot water and then proceed to drop in a few squeezes of the lemon.  This has made me infinitely more hydrated and has also reduced the post-flight bloat that I always experience otherwise.

If you’re traveling even once a month, you would be saving $150 a year just from not having to purchase a bottle of water in the airport.  Seriously- I recently paid $7 for a bottle of Fiji.  Also, landfills.  Duh.

Fun tips: double bag those wedges and don't forget to pull your thermos out from the overhead bin before your neighbor pops their xanax.  As, unfortunately, I did in the above photo.

  • Have a cuticle and lip salve easily accessible to you on the plane.

  • Use moisturizing all natural hand sanitizer.  Because, germs.  Need I say more?

  • Saline nasal spray is a happy relief for what is my most annoying complaint with flying- having dry nasal passages makes me feel so congested after I arrive and I constantly worry that I’m setting my body up for an illness.


Anyone else have a secret weapon against turning into a crackled wildabeast whilst traveling?  Do tell?