Mundane Monday Challenge: Lessen Your Environmental Impact by Using Fewer Straws

Did you know that, every day in the US, we go through a stifling 500 million single-use straws A DAY?  It’s estimated that each person averages a use of 1.6 straws every day and, even when disposed of properly, these small, light-weight items end up floating to the surface of landfills and are being blown off of our garbage trucks and trash bins.  Often they end up in our rivers, sewer drains, and are currently clocking in at a sturdy #5 of the top ten items found on our coastlines.  Not to mention that they’re usually wrapped in paper or plastic that is rarely recycled.


What more can we do?

  • Get into the habit of requesting “no straw, please” whenever it’s convenient.  Because, unfortunately, it’s not.


Even cutting back three less straws per week would be saving 166 straws per year/person and would save our environment almost 47 billion straws next year.  47 BILLION.  Let’s do this.