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She wore an itsy bitsty, teeny weeny...environmentally sustainable bikini

 Wearing:  Bikini Top  (in Port/Sea Salt),  Bikini Bottoms  (in Port), Oversized Hat

Wearing: Bikini Top (in Port/Sea Salt), Bikini Bottoms (in Port), Oversized Hat

In an effort of full transparency I should start by saying that I work in specialty retail. I’ve heard it all...the buzzwords in marketing change every year but the bottom line is always the same: PICK THIS. CHOOSE THIS. BUY THIS  (if you thought this might be a Grey’s Anatomy reference you would be right and we should be friends). Regardless how companies present their merchandise to you, as a consumer, you know that what they all want is your share of wallet. There’s never been a more competitive time in retail and that’s mostly because consumers have every opportunity and avenue to pursue exactly what they want.

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So you have the power. You have the tools to choose exactly what you want, so why not harness that for good?

A story…I’m 2 weeks out from a trip to Los Angeles, and naturally I want a few new things - mainly: bikinis. My strategy is usually to look at the big box specialty websites to see what style I like and then start narrowing down based on what I can physically try on at my local mall.  That’s how I started this search too. But I honestly wasn’t loving anything. Especially running to the mall on my lunch break to try on suits. Picture it: I’m hungry, trying on bikinis in a poorly lit dressing room and then going back to the office to scarf down a salad over my computer. No one was happy to be around me that day, trust.

Hell hath no fury like a dissatisfied hungry chick. So I took to the keyboard and found my way to Cocodune. While they had my attention at “home try on” they had my immediate support at 100% recyclable products.

Cocodune Home Try On


Here’s what I loved: I have 5 days to try them on. Really walk around my house in them. Sit down. Pretend I’m laying out (I live in Philly and it’s currently 35 it’s more like dream of laying out). Essentially I can get into every position except having a wave crash on me to see how the suits work with my body.

I ended up staying true to size for the top and sized up in bottoms. Is it just me or do bottoms seems to be getting smaller and smaller? I'm all for leaving little to the imagination but goodness, there must be SOMETHING left to imagine, right? But no worries, one size up and we're saving everyone from the wardrobe malfunction of my nightmares. 

The fabric is also...different. It feels luxe but still breathable. I have a few neoprene suits and this was a complaint I had about them...when you get hot in a neoprene suit you feel sticky and trapped. No thanks. And as much as I love Victoria’s Secret for the convenience and price, I really like that these suits can’t be compared. VS has a way of knocking things off the second they hit the market, I don’t think they can replicate these suits. They feel better and look nicer on me, personally. If I’m going to invest, I’d prefer that my bathing suit won’t have a twin for 50% off come Memorial Day Weekend on the Jersey Shore.

Unique fabrications, sunscreen & lotion resistant, easy machine wash care - via Cocodune

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