Seize the Day by Slaying your Morning

I had shocking results while trying a new, magical morning ritual for myself.  And, while this did blow my mind, I'm not going to call this some sort of secret- it's all incredibly logical and a very simplistic approach to a highly functional day.


Here's my personal routine:

1) Wake up at the same time, do not hit "snooze," and get my ass out of bed.  Hitting that button is like actively telling your brain that an extra 8 minutes of sleep is more valuable than using those 8 minutes doing ANYTHING else.  Your time is important and the goal is to shove that into your subconscious.

2) Start the kettle/coffee pot, brush teeth, and perform my facial routine while envisioning my day and what I want to accomplish.  You could also take 10 minutes to meditate or visualize your day-by-day activities/goals.  Alas, I'm not great with still meditation and often find it helpful to be doing my mindless routine with my body while making mindful decisions with my brain- especially in the mornings pre-caffeine.

3) Sit down with my planner, drink warm lemon water with a teaspoon of raw, local honey, have a light breakfast/snack, and write down my goals and schedule for the day.  At times, I will often touch on weekly and monthly goals as well, but I try to stay within a 3 month setting as to not overwhelm myself.

4) Spend a designated portion of time EVERY day reading something that stretches my mind.  This week it was 15 mins/day.  Last week it was an hour/day- just do what you can.

5) Spend 30 mins- 1 hour on physical activity.

6) Get dressed accordingly and commence slayage.


By nature, I'm a sleeper.  When I'm stressed, I sleep.  When I'm happy, I'll nap about it.  If I need to make a decision?  Yup, nothing like the light of the next morning to bring clarity to any issue.  I will gladly doze for 12+ hours if you (or, really, my dogs) would let me.

This is why, without a doubt, I FULLY believe that, if I was so affected by this magical morning ritual, you can reap the same benefits that I did.  And- let me tell you- they are major.

Of course, this is something that could and SHOULD be completely personalized.  While the first few days of waking up earlier (I chose 7am as my go-to) were a little harsh, I was surprised at how quickly I adjusted.  I definitely was in bed earlier for the first week or so, but there was an air of satisfaction that came along with it.  

The results for me were immediate and I hadn't felt so at peace with myself and my abilities in so long that I feel like this has had more than just one linear effect for me.  I can only hope this will have the same positive effect on your life as well.  Break a leg!  

*Disclaimer: Please don't actually.  Accidents/broken bones rarely serve as functional support for immediate life optimization.


How would you change this routine to fit your own lifestyle?


Props to The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod and Blinkist for this quick shift of my reality.  I am infinitely grateful and highly suggest the read if you want a more detailed approach.