How to: enjoy a traffic jam, one podcast at a time

 Choose More with My 5 Favorite Podcasts:

  1. That’s so Retrograde - try Ask Ambi

  2. Uninterrupted - try Are Female Friendships more Valuable than Marriage?

  3. Modern Love - try Not So Simple Math

  4. Oh Boy by Man Repeller - try Jordana Kier - Co-Founder of LOLA

  5. Burnt Toast - try Fat Isn’t Bad, Stupid is Bad

Why? You're too busy to waste a second of your time. Make every moment you spend in traffic count with something that makes you think. I love podcasts when I'm sitting in traffic to and from work. It's a way for me to feel productive and happy instead of counting down the seconds until I'm somewhere else. Moreover, listen to different opinions, ideas, points of'll get you out of your comfort zone and headset (I'm looking at your person who has hidden all friends who have gotten political on Facebook). Give yourself a chance to listen without fear of judgement. You never know what you may learn or discover.

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