The Easy Impact of Being a Bone Marrow Donor

A friend of mine shared a video on FB a few days ago of a friend of his that really haunted me.

The next morning, I still couldn't walk away from his story so I picked up my laptop and did a little research: it's actually really easy to not only register as a donor, but also, for 80% of donors, it's not surgical to donate.  It's usually just a specialized blood donation.

Hell, I can do that.  And, really, when it comes down to it, I could and would probably do the surgical donation as well.  But I can REALLY do a blood donation without a second consideration.

Sign. me. up.

Where?  Here. has a relatively easy sign up registration (it took me 20 mins tops) and, after you apply, they send you a swab to collect a few cells inside of your mouth.  You simply ship that back (they even pay for shipping both ways) and- voila- c'est fini.


Watch the video above of the story that inspired me to take about 30 minutes total out of my life that could possibly save another's.

#hope4adam (and his family)


UPDATE: Adam matched with a donor and is in recovery!