Happy Fryday.

I somehow stumbled onto my new favorite foodie blog this previous weekend while angrily being "bedridden" (aka- DEF NOT DRINKING WINE, whoops).


How stunningly beautiful are these kimchi fry babies?!



Brooklyn Supper is comprised by married couple, Elizabeth Stark and Brian Campbell, who strive to create inspired and unique seasonal dishes with as local produce.  It was great to wander through the farmers market this week and grab some fresh things to incorporate into their recent recipes- I did a bit of substitution, but the foundation of their dishes are really strong without pushing me over my culinary skills limit.

Dig through a few of their posts for some extra inspo, but this is definitely what I'll be doing Sunday in front of the Super Bowl.


What are your favorite food blogs?  Share some of your bookmarked recipes with us on IG @choose_more.