Weekend Roundup

I don't even know who's performing in the halftime show this year yet and I'M STILL SO EXCITED FOR THE SUPERBOWL.  'Merica, guys.  I'm really, REALLY ready to eat.

Moving on...


This week has been monumental to me for seeing people band together against hate and fear- I can't count how more many times that my tears have been happy over the alternative.  The pure strength of love is so, so amazing.  With that said, here were a few things that peaked my interest and/or made me smile this week:








It's been kind of chilly in LA still and I'm currently having a love affair with my soft, fuzzy tennies made from sustainable and animal-friendly sources.  They're apparently so breathable that I'll be able to rock them all summer too.  Yaaaassss, Queen Allbirds








What happens when DJT juuuuust can't help himself...  


Cows meet turtle.  Worlds collide.


I didn't know what Kibbeh Mosul was until this and now it's all I can think about.


Perfect jeans that I just ordered.  100% cotton so they're putting out less harmful fibers as I wash them while I'm wearing them out.


Happy 22nd Birthday, Trayvon Martin.  Your life- and ALL black lives- matter.