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该课题主要从事光电功能的设计、制备及光伏性能的研究,希望能改善太阳能薄膜电池的转换效率。铜铟硒作为太阳能薄膜电池材料,有其本身独特的优势,如吸光系 数稿,波长与太阳能电池的最佳禁带宽度,使用寿命长等,另外,最意外的性能是其多晶材料的光电转换效率比单晶材料要明显高的多。但对其原因尚没有最终的合 理解释,但对该现象的解释是进一步提高其转换效率的关键我们将通过几种方法,希望提高太阳能薄膜电池的转换效率,同时,对多晶铜铟硒材料高转换效率的认识 希望通过实验来解释。

截止目前,本课题组已承担了各类项目10余项,其中,包括,国家自然科学基金、教育部新世纪优秀人才支持计划、教育部科学技术重点项目、人事部归国留学人员 择优支持计划项目、河南省科技厅基础与前沿重点项目、河南省高校知识创新工程支持计划等。在国内外发表学术论文30余篇。


The  Wu research group is interested in the design, fabrication of nanoscale  photoelectrical functional materials, with an emphasis on the  photovoltaic application in solar cell.

Photovoltaic  solar cells and other optoelectronic devices often necessitate the use  of single-crystalline active materials, because the analogous, low-cost  polycrystalline substances tend to exhibit poor carrier transport. A  polycrystalline material is made of small crystallites joined at their  surfaces via grain boundaries. A notable exception is polycrystalline  CuInSe2 solar cells, where today’s cell efficiencies (20%) outperform the  best single-crystal devices (13%). This puzzle in polycrystalline  CuInSe2 and related polycrystalline materials attracted recently  considerable attention, because the understanding of the natural GB  passivity in ternary chalcopyrites could lead in the future to the  deliberate design of optoelectronic devices based on many low-cost  polycrystalline materials.

Up  to date, there are more than 10 research projects are undertaken in Wu  research group, including those from the National Natural Science  Foundation of China (NSFC), the program for the New Century Excellent  Talents in University, Science and Technology Focus Item of the Ministry  of Education of China,  Henan Project for University Prominent Research Talents (HAIPURT).  There are more than 30 academic papers from the group published in the  international and domestic core journals.



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